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The Fabulous City of Dunromin
Capital of the Land of the Young, Greatest City on Barnaynia
The Ultimate Fantasy City play setting for Fantasy Role Playing

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Dunromin is a fantasy city like no other: Conceived and designed as a setting for any kind of fantasy role-playing game. Dunromin features all the resources you need to have a consistent, detailed yet flexible and innovative setting for city-based adventures, campaigns or just as a safe base for your characters to rest up, train and relax.

It is the explicit intention of the creators of the magnificent World of Barnaynia, in which Dunromin exists, to create a complete, consistent and fun game world within which pretty much ANY Fantasy Role-Playing system or campaign can be played. Whether your inclination is High Magic, Low Magic, human-centric or as fantastical as possible, you can work it here. If your gaming system includes things like fighters, wizards, thieves and priests with statistics like strength, intelligence and dexterity, then you can work it in this game world!

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We even have FREE FICTION based around Dunromin and Barnaynia; find out more HERE.

The World Guide to Barnaynia – the banana-shaped world - Just $4.95 - click here!

Life on a Banana-shaped world is always going to be a bit different, you would think? But to most of the characters, NPCs and species the shape of the world they are trying to survive on is irrelevant. It’s got cities, countries, mountains, caverns, dungeons and ruins, as you might expect, but there are space adventures as well if you fancy something a bit different:

Fancy checking out a Storm Giants’ castle on an asteroid? Want to step off the edge of the world and float away into space? Want to walk on the Moon? It’s all possible on Barnaynia, although such activities are very dangerous.

There's plenty of scope for normal adventures too: There are many strange cultures, islands, forests, mountains, hills and deserts to discover.  Below the surface, the Darkworld is a honeycomb of caverns throughout the planet's crust wherein dwell all sorts of monsters. There is even a hole through the middle of the world allowing water to move from below to above, and there are dozens of other wonders to explore.

This product is as much a source of inspiration to take your game thinking “out of the box” as it is a World Guide, including:

  • Well over 200 pages of ideas, encounters and locations;
  • NPCs and monsters, as well as details of their societies and attitudes;
  • Several entirely new civilisations to confuse the players with;
  • Explanations of the geology, geography, science and magic of a banana-shaped world;
  • Details on astronomy, astrology and how the calendar works;
  • Location descriptions for all the celestial bodies;
  • Loads of adventure and campaign ideas;

And loads more - all for just $4.95 !

To start exploring the FABULOUS city of Dunromin and the Land of the Young we humbly suggest you begin with downloading the city maps….

These are FREE to download:

The Traveller's Atlas of the Free City of Dunromin and the Land of the Young

maps out the city and surrounding landscapes in full colour, as well as containing floor-plans of the temples, some maps of other places of interest in the Land and a view of the whole banana-shaped world of Barnaynia.  This Traveller's Atlas is published seperately for FREE so you can get a feel for the place without risking any money - what FRPG player or GM doesn't like have a look at a beautifully prepared set of maps?  Come in, have a look around; make yourself at home!

Having this as a seperate publication also means you can save on printing costs - this relatively short publication is designed for colour printing, all the other products in our range are specifically designed with cost-effective mono printing in mind, although they all include colour map features that are clearer in the colour pdfs but still useable in mono.

The Players’ Guide to Dunromin - $4.95

Dunromin is the capital of the Land of the Young and (probably) the greatest city on the World of Barnaynia. About its labyrinthine streets loiter innumerable citizens all looking to make a fast coin or two from naïve adventurers passing through. Save yourself that discomfort with this marvellous guide to all the significant organisations, buildings and people in the city, including a history of all the major events in the land over the past 600 years.

Not only that but this publication includes a load of play-tested, house rules and new ideas you can use or ignore in your own campaign!  This FABULOUS resource includes:

  • Well over 200 pages of beautifully illustrated, new gaming situations and ideas to explore;
  • 9 Temples and their rules to join or offend;
  • 19 Inns and other pleasure houses to get into trouble in;
  • Dozens of Guilds, Businesses, Civic Buildings and other establishments of interest to any adventurer;
  • Over a hundred NPCs;
  • Three new character classes and details on new variations on others;
  • New monsters;
  • Optional rules and ideas to consider, including aging and death, percentile statistics, wounding and a hit location system, thief, skills, and more…


The Games Master’s Guide to Dunromin - $4.95

While Dunromin is a feast for the mind for any player with enough coin to take advantage of it, everything in the Players’ Guide is but a veneer for the grimy underbelly that is the capital of the Land of the Young. Only the Games Master’s Guide can peel back that veneer and expose the fun and wonder concealed by it…
This fascinating and thought-provoking tome includes:

  • Well over 200 pages including all the GM information on all the locations, Guilds and personalities in the Players’ Guide;
  • 60 pages of NPCs;
  • 2 new NPC character classes;
  • Dozens of adventure hooks and ideas;
  • Wandering Monster Tables;
  • New Magic Items;
  • Details about all the new monsters;
  • Several inspirational campaign ideas;
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the City Guarde and law enforcement;


And much, much more!

Other products planned from the Dunromin University Press; the ones in yellow are available now mostly on Pay What You Want, the others available soon:


Designed originally in 1986 for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) First edition, the Free City of Dunromin had been redesigned for OSRIC Fantasy Role Playing Game. The main books are based on keeping the game-mechanics to the Appendices as much as possible so the whole setting can be used in pretty much any campaign setting in any FRPG system with little or no preparation, such as (but not limited to nor endorsed by): D&D, BECMI, Old School Essentials, Pathfinder, Labirynth Lord, Black Hack, Gurps Dungeon Fantasy, White Box, Blueholme, 5 Torches Deep, Dungeon Crawl Classics and Castles and Crusades. Even the appendices can be ignored or adapted by the reader to their own system, if required, very easily.

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