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The Free City of Dunromin
Capital of the Land of the Young, Greatest City on Barnaynia
The Ultimate Fantasy City play setting for Fantasy Role Playing


Inns of Dunromin - the Bawdy Wench

Date: 21 Aug, 2019

Ask any adventurer in the grand city of Dunromin which is the best inn in the city and chances are they will answer with a wicked grin and say “The Bawdy Wench”.  This famous inn first opened its doors two...

The first Adventure is Here!

Date: 15 Aug, 2019

Don't we all love goblins?  They are a brilliant, generic monster - from Enid Blyton to the hordes of semi-orcs in the Hobbit to Gobaldigook in White Dwarf, goblins have been a main-stay of fantasy and fey literature for hundreds...

Dunromin University Press is up and Running!

Date: 14 Aug, 2019

Welcome to the first Blog Post! This is a gateway into a fantastic new realm of Fantasy Role Playing!  Since its inception in 1986 the City of Dunromin and the world on which it sits, Barnaynia, have been played in...