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Updates and Plans for the Future

Dated: 31 Jan, 2022

I’ve not posted for a while, real life getting in the way, so I thought it would be worthwhile to do a few notes on what we’re up to here at Dunromin University Press, and where we’re going…

The efforts towards a Print on Demand strategy that has been ongoing for SOOOOOO long is resolved; through the purchase of Affinity Publisher.  This excellent package, although resource hungry (creaky old laptop struggling to cope), allows us to finally re-work our products into a form that is good enough for the exacting requirements of modern print technologies.  So far, we have reworked SM00 The Atlas of Dunromin and the Land of the Young and got it printed in hard-back and full colour.  It looks fabulous!  The print quality from Drive Thru RPG is simply Gorgeous.

So, the plan is to re-work SM01 and SM02; the Players’ and GM’s Guides next, and get them out and ready so they can be bought in hardback too.  The three new versions will be launched together, hopefully in the next month or so.

Of course, this means that existing customers might feel a bit left out so we are adding extra content to both books and updating the information in them.  This includes reworking the Witch as a proper character class, adding more monsters, NPCs and such as well as updating and elaborating on some of the city information.  We have also reduced the font size to 11 so that we can keep the page-count down, although it’s still well over 200 for both books.  Don’t worry, this second edition pdf will be free to everyone who has already got the first edition pdfs.

Judging by comments on various forums, people don’t like paying extra for the pdf if they’ve bought the print copy so the pdfs will be free with the print copies too.

What to do next is tricky.  We have a number of plans in mind as well as prepping the Print on Demand versions of all the current products so selecting a priority is hard:

  • Reworking all the other books for POD will probably be first,
  • We have two more scenarios in the pipeline following on from the amazing success of Under Mirt’s Folly.  These will be the Pit of Panzar and The Orc Battleforge but are likely not to be available until Christmas.
  • The second book in our Dunromin novels; the Chronicles of Gavin is in editing.  If you fancy trying the first for size, here’s a link to the FREE download on a previous blog.
  • The Book of Legends was well received as a resource for all kinds of ideas and is mostly stand-alone and so can be used with anything; we are planning another, similar resource, probably called Unfinished Tales
  • In the slightly longer term, we would love to rework everything for fifth edition D&D, although it’s probably more realistic to aim for sixth edition now!

Lots happening – but slowly given that we have real lives as well…

If you have any thoughts, comments suggestions or requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or through the Dunromin University Press Facebook page (yes, I know, but we are pretty old and simply can’t make time to get down with the youths on other Social Networking packages…  Sorry).