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Under Mirt's Folly is Released!

Dated: 18 Aug, 2021

Under Mirt’s Folly is the new 250+ location mega-dungeon from Dunromin University Press

Special release pricing of less than THREE BUCKS until the end of the month!  (Normal price $4.99)

Mirt the Long Flame was a mighty wizard of years gone by.  He fell in love, so the story goes, with a beautiful Goddess.

Using all his powers he built his true-love a temple and a pleasure palace with the intention of making her his wife.  On midsummer’s eve he bent all his powers to calling her down to him, luring her to our world with the sweetest compliments and tempting gifts.  After several hours of calling, she appeared and he proposed to her, explaining the wonderful life together he had planned for them.

She was not amused...

The blasted remains of the temple and the derelict palace, all made from the finest white marble, are all that remains of Mirt’s crazy ambitions.  The abandoned ruins are now known by all now as Mirt’s Folly.

Of course, the anger of a mighty Goddess leaves deep scars in the landscape.  A hundred years later the hill, despite being in civilised lands, remains an abandoned place of strange magic.  It is the haunt of ghosts and monsters and all who go there return changed, fearful and anxious, if they return at all.  No one knows the nature of the Curse of Mirt’s Folly and few desire to find out.

But Mirt was a great mage!?  His powerful magic items and his many books of spells and research have never been found, not to mention the vast wealth he had accumulated.  All this amazing loot must still be up there, in the ruins of the palace, or perhaps below it, in the catacombs he is said to have dug there.

But who is brave enough, or foolish enough, to go and look?


Under Mirt’s Folly is the latest production from Dunromin University Press.  As with all our supplements, Under Mirt’s Folly represents astonishing value, offering excellent quality and quantity at rock-bottom prices:

  • A challenging scenario for a party of 4-8 characters of levels 5-8;
  • Written for OSRIC, OSR, 1st and 2nd Edition D&D and compatible with pretty much ANY FRPG you fancy;
  • More than 100 pages with over 250 encounter locations over 8 levels;
  • Four wandering monster tables;
  • Rumour Table to inform and confuse;
  • New and inventive uses of all kinds of Monsters;
  • Tantalising new Magic Items;
  • Tricks, traps and treasure enough to make any player salivate!

And all this for a special launch price of less than THREE BUCKS until the end of the month!