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The Cityguide to Karan is here!

Dated: 25 Jan, 2020

Released today on Drive-Thru RPG, the Cityguide to Karan is now available on Pay What You Want on Drivethru rpg - linked below under more info button below...  Game mechanics are kept to a minimum to allow use in almost any FRPG.

Karan is the second city of the Land of the Young and was once the capital of an ancient and highly cultured empire.  The city was founded on valuable mines in a strategically important mountain pass.  The mines are still there and the upper galleries have become an intrinsic part of the city - being used as much as the surface streets by the inhabitants.  The deeper caves are still working mines, mainly for tin but also for small deposits of gems and silver.

A few hundred years ago the ancient empire lost the war with the Land of the Young and Karan and the lands around it have been part of the Land of the Young ever since.

The colonies the old empire had in the west have been left to rot and lost over time, making Karan a frontier town on the western edge of the Land of the Young.  The Borderlands to the west of the city are being slowly reoccupied but remain a wilderness in the main.  Beyond the Borderlands are the Wild Lands; and almost endless expanse of fleeting civilisations, wilderness and strange monsters.  The Wild Lands stretch all the way west to the Twilight Sea, half a world away.

This publication is different from the last two scenarios in that it is not an adventure but rather a game setting.  At SEVENTY PAGES of gorgeousness it remains a lot less detailed than Dunromin but has enough information in it to allow a GM to use it as a base for adventuring into the west.  The book includes a city map and a map of the extent of the unusual cave system beneath the city, as well as information about Guilds, temples inns and public buildings.  There is a generator for detailing other buildings and a rich history and social structure to the whole thing so there's no want of detail for anyone wanting to have a closer look around.


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