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Gone Grey in the Wash Black Friday Deal

Dated: 02 Dec, 2020

May the abundance of the Multiverse festoon your future with bounteous fortune, ladies and gentlebeings, I crave your indulgenace.

With a view to jumping on the bandwagon of seasonal discounts, Dunromin University Press is proud to announce our...

Gone Grey in the Wash Black Friday Deal!

We have reduced our flagship products SM05 the World Guide to Barnaynia and SM02 the Games Master's Guide to Dunromin to just $4.95 each !!! This brings them in-line with SM01 The Players' Guide to Dunromin, which is already just $4.95

Note that the city maps are all available for FREE as SM00 the Travellers' Atlas of Dunromin and the Land of the Young

That's hundreds of pages of:

  • NPCs
  • Inns and businesses
  • Nations and civilisations
  • Magic Items
  • Public and secret guilds
  • Monsters!
  • Breath-taking artwork
  • New character classes
  • In a fully explained and mapped world and medieval city - all ready to explore

                                                                            and MORE!
This astonishing offer comes as part of our lead up to the next big release, due out before the holidays:
                                                               The Book of Legends:
This weighty tome is over 100 pages of fully detailed NPCs as individuals and parties, more magic items, two new character classes (the Navigator and the Oni Holy Warrior), Gods of Barnaynia, legends, adventure hooks, new monsters and more. SM16 The Book of Legends is the next part of the comprehensive yet flexible game setting based around the Free City of Dunromin and the bizarre World of Barnaynia.

As you know, Dunromin University Press believes in producing great value, top quality gaming resources aimed at Old School RPGs and 1st and 2nd edition D&D players, although the majority of content is readily transferrable to ANY Fantasy Role Playing system.

Thank-you for your time in reading this message, I am sure you see many every month so we are very grateful for you taking the time to read this one. Dunromin University Press has a range of excellent, high quality FRPG products at insanely low prices and even Pay What You Want, which frankly makes most of the other stuff available on the Internet look like over-priced bloatware.

Come and check us out on our webpage or go direct to DriveThrurpg.