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The Book of Legends is released!

Dated: 02 Jan, 2021

Dunromin University Press humbly request a few moments of your valuable time to announce the release of their latest offering:

The Book of Legends - over 100 pages of game resources for any FRPG!


In the style of a Rogues Gallery, this new publication from Dunromin University Press if chock-full of ideas and resources for any games master. 

The Book of legends adds yet more colour, ideas and inspiration to the World of Barnaynia fantasy role-play setting, including:

  • More than 50 fully detailed NPCs - including back-stories, plot hooks and stats optimised for D&D 1st and 2nd editions, OSRIC and Pathfinder, and readily adaptible to all versions of D&D;
  • Five Mercinery Groups to harass or serve you PCs;
  • Two new Characters Classes - the Oni Holy Warrior and the Navigator;
  • New Monsters, Gods and Magic Items;
  • A set of Amazing Legends, old and new, each one inspiration for a scenario or campaign in itself;
  • A load of interesting hirelings;
  • And MORE!

At this price for ALL of this, the Book of Legends represents, as do ALL the Dunromin University Press Publications, ASTONISHING value for money.