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New Year Sale!

Dated: 29 Dec, 2019

Over the festive season I have been wondering what the hell I am doing here?  I really like the idea of a web site dedicated to my Fantasy City and World of Barnaynia and getting my work out there on the internet has been a blast!  But the sales haven't really been, well, good.  I have shifted a few units and it's nice to get some credit for that but am I achieving anything?

Well, yes.  I am.  I am achieving a lifetime's ambition of getting into print.  I am not making a living but was that the point?  Well, it would have been nice but, at the core of it, I had some cool ideas and I wanted to share them with people.  So I have.

Now... do I really want to make money from it?  Sure, but it seems unlikely at present...  So I realised what I really wanted to do was share my stuff with people.

This meant a major change in my sales plan - change everything to PAY WHAT YOU WANT.  This seemed ideal - sharing my ideas and allowing people to donate if and wehen they wanted to.

But I still have to pay for Website fees, gift copies and such so I have reduced the the price of the core books by a half, rather than PWYW, to see what happens.  This is still a bargain for two books of over 200 pages each, stuffed with ideas and such.  Now we shall see if I can make any headway...

I also have plans for the future - the second adventure, The Trials of a Young Wizard is out there and flying off the shelves at the new reduced price (over 100 copies shifted already!).  The City Guide to Karan should be out in a couple of weeks and the Gazeteers for the whole World of Barnaynia and the Land of the Young are next - mostly written but not yet illustrated or laid out...  Thank-you to you and all my customers for taking the time and seeing what I have to offer - you are all welcome.

And thanks for the REVIEWS:

The Trials of a Young Wizard:

The Warren: 

The Traveller's Guide:

And another for the Warren:  [although goblins are Lawful Evil not Chaotic Evil, but otherwise a very useful review]

Stay tuned for more banana-shaped fun and games!