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Low Level Magic-User can be exciting! No, Really...

Dated: 25 Mar, 2023

This post is a bit of a cheat as I am just linking to another blog. This is because of limited time but also the author, Travis Millar, has said everything I wanted to say. Have a read and see what you think... here.

Most specifically, I echo his comment: "Most referees really like it when you want to know about the world they’ve created or the published setting they’ve chosen. It makes them feel like the time they’ve put into world building was worth it. If the referee has provided some information about the setting, engage with it as much as you are able. Take notes. Read session reports and setting lore the referee provides."

This is EXACTLY what we intended when we made Dunromin available to the public. Few GMs have the time to invest in cataloguing all the fun ideas they have, especially if the players don't take any interest in them.  It can be frustrating is a whole plot loop is ignored when the interesting NPC says hello, gets ignored and the players just pottle off to start a bar-room brawl. To prevent that frustration we have tried to build an infrastructure for the GM to build on, with space in the margins to scribble down the tweaks and inspirations that happen through the game.

Now if you match this with Travis's vivid concept of the low-level magic-user you can see how the weakest link in the party in a melee becomes the perfect tool for opening up the many subplots in a city campaign. Not for nothing are there so many Magic-User/Thieves in Dunromin that they have their own pseudo-class-name in common parlance; the Trickster.