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A New Adventure in time for Christmas!

Dated: 24 Dec, 2019

SM12 - the Trials of a Young Wizard is an entry-level collection of three adventures aimed at being the first experience of the game world of Barnaynia.

Included are detailed maps, backgrounds and structured encounter areas with payer descriptions and GM descriptions, along with key information high-lighted for ease of use in the heat of play.

The premise is that one of the players is a Magic-User or Multi-class Magic-User freshly graduated from the Magic College of Dunromin; probably the best Magic College in the known world.  The new post-grad is immediately accosted by the College Bursar with news that a fellow student may have gone missing while searching for Kobolds in the Royal Parks.  The Bursar also has a little errand he would like the players to run for him while they are in that area, namely looking up a retired mage and getting back a magic item the college loaned him some time ago.

  • "The Lost Son" is the first part of the three adventures and involves a quick search for, and exploration of, a kobold lair.  It's pretty straight-forward stuff and all good fun BUT (well this is Barnaynia after all - there had to be a "but") there are some simply traps and a strange discovery down there that might open up a whole campaign of exploration, if you want it to.
  • "The Return of the Cauldron of Milent" takes the players to the unfinished grand manshion of Herefus Darkhand and his wife, where mystery awaits...
  • The last adventure is "The Murder at the Red Barn" and has a different spin altogther.  It can be run before, after or during the other two and is a mix of murder/mystery and panic/horror/slash.  As an entry-level scenario it shows prospective player an alternative application of the Role-Playing format FRPGs are famous for.

So there you have it - an adventure on the doorstep:  challenges, significant danger (if you're not careful) and lots of diverting new ideas, all presented in a top quality package as you would expect from Dunromin University Press and all for Pay-What-You-Want at   Enjoy!