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Autumnal Plans

Dated: 17 Sep, 2020

Hello all, just a quick post to let you know what's going on and what's the in the pipeline.

SM05 - I think Covid allowed me to put out the long awaited SM05 World Guide to Barnaynia quicker than I expected. It's not exactly selling like hot cakes but feedback so far is very positive.

SM14 - Of the Rakuli was an adendum to SM05 I think, although the Rakuli were first designed back in about 1990 so most of it was tidying up some previous notes. Since it's offered on Pay What You Want quite a few downloads have gone - some have even paid for it, which is a nice bonus. TBH it's just nice to know my ideas are out there.

SM07 Under Mirts Folly is about 70% written but needs artwork and layout to finish it off. It's a megadungeon crawl with over 150 rooms over 4 or 5 levels (to be confirmed) and I am trying a slicker presentation style to allow faster play and avoid the GM getting bogged down in description.

SM15 Is a new idea, a bit of a mad impulse really. Tony Pearce and I are working on it together and it is a completely left-field "Scientific Discourse on the Nature of the Universe" primarily about what exists beyond the Outer Shell of Barnaynia. Both Tony and I are physicists and he is also an astronomer so the plan is to get something thought-provoking and funny out there, although probably not very relevant to most players.

I am also planning SM16 The Book Of Legends; which will be a collection of NPCs and magic items from past campaigns with loads of new ones to add into the mix.  The ideas are 80% down so I just need (as always) artwork and time to hack it together.  If you have any character ideas or new magic items you think would suit let me know; all contributors printed will get a complimentary hardcopy of the finished book as usual.

Since I started the whole project we have had SM10 The Pit of Panzar, SM11 The Orc Battleforge and SM13 The Tomb of Firkin advertised on the back of the books. These are both written but need to be typed up, artworked and so on before release. The other items listed on the back covers but unavailable yet are likewise a long way from release. I have given up on deadlines as I always miss them but rest assured, all these wonderful products WILL be available, eventually...

Over 1700 downloads across all the titles to date, which is pretty cool. Most of these have been done for free so the project as a whole is not in the black yet but I am loving it all, which is great.  My pie-in-the-sky target for the whole project was to be able to afford a new car or bike but, while this isn't going to happen any time soon, the whole journey has been a blast and it's getting better all the time...  Thank-you to all my customers and contributors!