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Year-end Navel gazing... Get me a Crystal Ball!

Dated: 31 Dec, 2022

As we approach the end of 2022 it is the traditional time to review the year and look to the future.

While we at Dunromin University Press are not fans of unquestioned practices established in less enlightened times, calendars, years and times of celebration are always interesting.

So, what of 2022?

Well, it’s been our most successful year to date and more and more people are giving us positive feedback about the content we offer.  It’s great to hear how people are using the resources in so many varied ways to augment their own RP experiences as well as using the setting as-is.  The dungeons seem to be the most popular so we are focusing our efforts in that area for the New Year; well, some of our efforts.  The World of Barnaynia game setting isn’t 100% complete but it never really will be.  There’s more than enough to use and lots of room for others to build on it so there’s enough there to achieve what we set out to do.  And anyway, writing and play-testing dungeons is fun!

On a personal level 2022 has probably been more positive than previous years, slightly, on balance.  The cost of living crisis is a concern for everyone and the consequences of other disastrous events and decisions by people in power rumble on.  Old age is biting and Simon for one is suffering from uncomfortable ailments at both end of his alimentary canal.  BUT! Some crises we predicted didn’t happen, or proved less of an issue than we thought, so that was nice.

Our conversion of all the products we have to Print On Demand was fraught but successful – DriveThruRPG were very helpful in this regard and we cannot recommend Affinity Publisher highly enough in terms of the flexibility required.  Of course, flexibility comes with complexity and we are still on a very steep learning curve with the package, as we still are with GIMP – our design package of choice.  To celebrate this great achievement we have produced a discounted bundle of the new versions of the PDFs of the core Dunromin game-setting publications; nearly 40% off list price!

For the Future!

As stated, more scenarios are planned, although production rates are slowed as we all catch up with Real Life after the efforts of the POD conversions.  The first out of the blocks are likely to be The Orc Battleforge; The Pit of Panza and The Tomb of Firkin (probably not in that order) but they are all in very early development and still only hand-written at the moment.

We have also decided to produce versions of our core settings for 5th Edition D&D under the OGL.  We have avoided this so far as we are not really very familiar with the system and are nervous of the OGL and its stipulations.  But now we think that we should stop being such miserable Grognards and get into the party (a bit late, probably, given the approach of one-D&D, or whatever it’s called…).

The second and third books of the Chronicles of Gavin, our FREE fantasy novels based in and around Dunromin, are still in progress – cover art being the slowest element to be completed…

What will be out sooner and we think is the most exciting project is The Eternal Victim by Patrick Knight-Bridges.  This represents a bit of a departure for us as it is a high fantasy/horror set of fiction books more likely to appeal to the mature reader due to graphic content.  The writer, Patrick Knight-Bridges, is a new name to everyone here but we love his work and hope you do too.  We are aiming to get this out through Amazon as an e-book, so watch this space.

Lots of ideas, not enough time, as always.

But we remain loyal to our roots: We do this for the love, not for the money, as illustrated by our tiny profit margins. Dunromin University Press remains determined to produce interesting, fun, useful and top value products for all kinds of FRPG enthusiasts of all levels, ages and systems.

Happy New Year randomised time interval renewal everyone!