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We've got a new book out!

Dated: 07 Mar, 2023

The Eternal Victim by Patrick Knight-Bridges is a new novel that is very different to almost anything else you might have read. You can get the eBook for JUST $2.99 at  AMAZON or KOBO

Work. Sleep. Reproduce.

Do you wonder if that is all there is to life?

Perhaps you think you’re different? Unique? Touched by something more powerful than any of us?

Steve McCulloch was different. Gifted by an unspeakable power. As were his brothers, but what was behind it?

The gods are getting angry; their servants are not safe in their homes. War is looming.

This book is not set in the Barnaynian gameworld; it is a very, very different setting.  The story begins on Earth at the end of the twentieth century but goes much, much further. Perhaps further than you ever imagined. The Eternal Victim is a fantasy horror story that spans a multiverse of terrible violence and fear ruled by gods and demons. The fates of mortals and immortals alike are closely tied, their doom beyond their control.

[Includes graphic violence and scenes of a sexual nature]

Patrick Knight-Bridges is a new name to the world of Dunromin University Press but, as a few of you know, we have been involved with the Eternal Victim book project for a very long time. We have finally taken the plunge to publish the four stories in the series collected into a single volume for simplicity. We are publishing initially as an eBook, available through Amazon and Kobo, but hope to have a softcover version available soon.

If you do have a read please, please, please give us a few stars and drop us a review.  You can get the eBook for $2.99 at  AMAZON or KOBO