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The Fabulous City of Dunromin
Capital of the Land of the Young, Greatest City on Barnaynia
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Old Sayings and Slang of Dunromin

Date: 08 Dec, 2020

The following are some fun (!) sayings and slang often used in the city of Dunromin and the Land of the Young; the central campaign setting for the Wolrd of Barnaynia.  SOme are mentioned in existing publications and all (plus...

Gone Grey in the Wash Black Friday Deal

Date: 02 Dec, 2020

May the abundance of the Multiverse festoon your future with bounteous fortune, ladies and gentlebeings, I crave your indulgenace. With a view to jumping on the bandwagon of seasonal discounts, Dunromin University Press is proud to announce our... Gone Grey...

Class War in Tolkien's Middle-Earth

Date: 03 Nov, 2020

Before I start, I must state, for the record, that I am a huge fan of Middle Earth. From the time our teacher, Mr Robinson, read us The Hobbit when I was about 9 or 10, to all the films,...

Magic in Barnaynia

Date: 14 Oct, 2020

The big thing that makes any FRPG world different from our everyday world is magic.  Even the races are perhaps just extreme developments of the variations in culture and race we already have (without or without all the current differences...

Autumnal Plans

Date: 17 Sep, 2020

Hello all, just a quick post to let you know what's going on and what's the in the pipeline. SM05 - I think Covid allowed me to put out the long awaited SM05 World Guide to Barnaynia quicker than I expected....

Are the Great Old Ones Waking Up?

Date: 09 Sep, 2020

It’s an old trope – a long dead sleeping evil that is waking up and bent on world domination; practically every series of stories has done a variation on it, even based the whole series on it – Harry Potter...

It's that time of year again!

Date: 03 Aug, 2020

I missed the start but RPG a Day 2020 has started again – and they’re even using my artwork for the logo!  How cool is that? Just type #rpgaday into your search engine of choice and see what’s going on!

How Much is Too Much?

Date: 06 Jun, 2020

Over the last few weeks I have been editing and improving the World Guide to Barnaynia.  This book is intended to complete the Dunromin, the Land of the Young and Barnaynia fantasy role playing world setting.  We have more publications...

Feeding the beasties deep down in the depths...

Date: 15 May, 2020

In the ongoing challenge to the FRPG World Builder there is the constant worry of “So what do the goblins eat when there are no adventurers wandering around?” On Barnaynia we have come up with a solution and then gone...

The Real Value of Coins

Date: 17 Apr, 2020

This morning I spotted a post by Matt Ratcliff on the Facebook Group "Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D 2nd Edition)” about how coins might vary in appearance from race to race.  It reminded me of the following; extracted from SM01 the...