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Coming down the pipeline...

Dated: 20 Apr, 2021

This is the re-worked map of the Temple of Olympus, Dunromin - more about this on a moment...

After the mono-maniacal science binge of SM15 - A Scientific Discourse on the Nature of the Universe we have returned to more useful pathways regarding playing aids and scenarios for the Barnaynia World Setting.  SM07 Under Mirt’s Folly is now in production for release in May (we hope).  This is a proper mega-dungeon with well over 200 encounter areas, high quality maps, diagrams and artwork.

As with all Dunromin University Press products SM07 - Under Mirt's Folly is written for the Osric system which makes it completely compatible with 1st and 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragons and all the fantastic retro-clones that have evolved from that original game, such as, but not limited to: OSR, Pathfinder, Swords and Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, Castles and Crusades, Hackmaster and so on.  It will also be easily applied to Tunnels and Trolls, Talisanta, BECMI style D&D and later versions of D&D, as well as others, with very little work; probably just a bit of tinkering with the monster stats.

After SM07 we will be turning our attention to SM10 – The Pit of Panzar and SM11 – The Orc Battle Forge, which are both large dungeon complexes bordering on Mega-Dungeons themselves.  In parallel to this SM08 – The Adventurer’s Guide to The Barony of Garibaldi and SM17 – The Book of Lost Tales are being drafted.  This second product, SM17 – The Book of Lost Tales is a GM resource inspired by the success of SM16 - The Book of Legends.  It is intended to contain NPCs, Magic Items and lots of adventure hooks based around cultures of Barnaynia located a long way from Dunromin.

In parallel to all this stuff we also have a short novel based on a character surviving in the World of Barnaynia.  This will be free to download and is a kind of fan-lit work based on the Barnaynian World-Setting, seeking to demonstrate the wonder and flexibility of the place.  Although we still don't have a title, the book is subtitled “Part one of the Chronicles of Gavin” and should be available for download soon…

We had been hoping to announce the availability of all the Dunromin University Press products on Print on Demand (POD) this month, because we all love to hold the lore in our mortal hands and lavish fond looks upon their spines on our hallowed shelves.  Alas, we have been foiled thus-far by spurious software!

We will get there but the process is a tricky one, mired in monotonous copy and pasting from Word into the excellent DTP package Scribus, and that’s just the start.  The current issue we have is finding a pdf format that the print engines at DriveThruRPG will accept.  This is no reflection at all upon DriveThruRPG themselves, whose support and positivity has been wonderful, but rather a simple clash of Adobe print software refusing to get along with Microsoft, or Microsoft doing a cludge to get Word to produce pdfs on the cheap.  Whatever, the situation is not helped by our tiny resources in terms of time and money…

But it all does have an up-side!

In anticipation of a new version for POD, all the Temple maps originally included in SM00 – A Traveller’s Atlas of the City of the Dunromin and the Land of the Young (to give it the full title) have been reworked (example above) and the new POD compatible SM00 will include them and more.  Likewise, we are planning to add some things to SM01 – The Players’ Guide to Dunromin and SM02 – the Games Master’s Guide to Dunromin, so that people who have already paid for them can get some more return on that initial investment if they do want to go for the POD version as well.  These additions will be more detail on several of the organisations and institutions of the Land of the Young and some new character classes (the Monk is already written, and is a subclass of Cleric rather than the 1st edition AD&D Kung-Fu style Monk). 

So, I do hope you have all survived the Pandemic thus far and that normality returns to the world soon, whatever “normality” means…  And thank-you again, truly, for your ongoing interest in the Dunromin University Press product range.