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The Fabulous City of Dunromin
Capital of the Land of the Young, Greatest City on Barnaynia
The Ultimate Fantasy City play setting for Fantasy Role Playing

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Dated: 26 Jun, 2021


Most players of Fantasy Role Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons will have wondered what it might be like to wake up one day in their games, free to explore the worlds of their imagination with swords, magic and monsters.

For Gavin and his friends this ultimate fantasy came true.  They found themselves in the bodies of their in-game characters, armed with magical weapons and spells, ready for adventure.

Not only that, but Gavin had been the Dungeon Master in the real world and knew where all the traps were and how to find the best treasure.  They were living the dream!

But the dream became a nightmare.

Gavin’s friends were slaughtered by an unexpected band of monsters and Gavin came to realise he was trapped and alone among the Frap people of the strange city state of Skull Crag in Barnaynia; a frightening world of supernature, secret cults, terrifying monsters and wars without end.

He fell into a hopeless and depressed state, until one day he happened to overhear a conversation between some sailors at the docks; sailors speaking English!

The sailors had come from the far-off city of Dunromin, capital of the Land of the Young, where everyone speaks English and not Frapper, as they do in Skull Crag.  They tell him of a city of warriors, wizards and wonders beyond count!

Gavin immediately resolves to journey to the city of Dunromin to find out more

But he is barely in the city two days before he finds himself trapped in a deadly mystery where a sharp wit is more use than a sharp sword.


The attached pdf is the first book in a series of stories we have planned for free publication.  The idea is to offer a bit of entertainment, stimulation and do some advertising as well.  It's free to download, no strings attached.  Share and Enjoy!

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